Mysterious Art Gallery

Original oil, acrylic and media pieces by Alyne Whiteswan come signed on the back, with a certificate of authenticity, and packaged to insure safe delivery to your home.

Nothing speaks to the heart more than an original artwork. It is imbued with the energy of not only the artist but pigments generated by nature. They give a sense of beauty and life not always captured in print or digital media.

The Faery Melusine

Acrylic on 16 x 16 canvas wrapped canvas

In the Medieval French legend of the Faery Melusine, a Faery becomes a Queen.



Acrylic on 16 x 20 wrapped canvas

Three ladies at three stages of life carry the flowers of the seasons in Procession.

The Smell 0f Wild Carrots

Oil on 16 x 20 canvas panel

A hare stops in field of Wild  Carrots, aka Queen Anne's Lace,  to enjoy the scent.

The Forbidden Door

Acrylic on 11 x 14 canvas panel

Bluebeard's young wife struggles against her curiosity about what is behind the forbidden door.

Spirit Foxes

Oil on 16 x 20 wrapped canvas

A mystic leaves the forest at dawn 

having spent the night as a fox. The fox spirit leaves with her in the otherworldly light of her cloak.

Who's There?

Acrylic on 8  x 8 canvas panel

A young lady runs through a park at night, afraid she is being followed.  Inspired by Gothic Romance.