Artist's Statement 

Alyne Whiteswan is a painter of dark fantasies, ancient folk memories, night religions, and psychic transformation.  Feminine archetypes from tales and myths are ethereal presences in the landscape. She always wanted to illustrate fairy tales, and capture the fleeting glimpses of other worlds seen while deeply immersed in nature. . In the late 1990s, she created the Tuatha de Danaan Tarot and uses it to provide intuitive readings.  

Art and explorations of consciousness are her passions.

Her mission as an artist is to restore a deep connection to nature and the soul,

to remember a seemingly lost world of beauty and spiritual power mirrored in the land.

Her poetry and short stories have been published in anthologies. While immersed in a period of Shadows, she wrote and published five novels in the Gothic Horror genre. Coming out of that phase, she has returned to the visual arts and is currently exploring and discovering a new language to express a return to the Light.

She has sold many paintings locally including commissioned portraits with pets done in a mysterious, narrative style.